Home Title Lock Insurance
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Home Title Lock Insurance

Home Title Lock is the insurance protection that you never knew you needed. Annually, thousands of homeowners are victims of title fraud. Since obtaining a mortgage is a hassle with mountains of paperwork, most people assume that they’ll never have their home stolen from them.

Unfortunately, the checks and balances that exist offer a weak form of protection.

No one is cross-referencing signatures or ensuring that the notary seals on documents are valid. One small oversight can lead to someone stealing your home and using the equity that you build up to obtain mortgages against your property.

Home title fraud is on the rise, and it’s time for you to protect your biggest investment – your home.

What is a Title Lock?

Title Lock is a monitoring service that:

  • Monitors for new documents recorded for your property
  • Sends alerts of any new document filings
  • Quickly guides and provides documents in case of fraud

Title Lock’s subscription offers you peace of mind that the moment any type of fraud occurs, you’ll have alerts sent to you and can react swiftly. Otherwise, you may be a victim of fraud and not realize it for months.

How Home Title Fraud Works

Title fraud can occur in many ways:

  • Grant or warranty deeds can be used to transfer real property from person to person, and a quick forgery can lead to fraud.
  • Quitclaim deeds can be used to transfer interest or a home’s title into a fraudster’s name.
  • Joint tenancy deeds can be created, often targeting the elderly, so the home goes to the fraudster when the person dies.

Often, homeowners don’t realize that fraud occurred because it happened behind the scenes. The person continues paying their mortgage, and it’s not until months later that they receive mail saying that mortgages against the home are delinquent.

Fraudsters will take out multiple mortgages against the home, depleting the equity in the house. By the time homeowners realize what’s happened, they’re facing an uphill battle to regain ownership of their property and fight back to remove the fraudulent mortgages in their name.

Do You Need Home Title Fraud Protection?

Yes. Statistics show that title fraud rose 30% in a single quarter in 2020. Home title fraud was extremely rare just a few years ago. No one heard of this fraud at the time, but in 2017, over 9,600 homeowners were victims of this type of fraud.

With the rise of many transactions taking place online, the risk of fraud also continues to rise.

Matt Cox is a prime example of how one person’s greed can impact over a hundred families. And with a lack of oversight, it’s far easier to commit home title fraud than people realize.

Matt Cox – A Prime Example of Why You Need Home Title Lock

Matthew Cox | Title Fraud

Matthew Cox is a name that most people don’t recognize, and you should be thankful for this, too. What Cox did was falsify documents and make it seem like he owned properties. He would then take mortgages out that were five to six times the homes’ true values.

Estimates suggest that he grew his fortune to between $5 million and $25 million using this tactic.

As a former mortgage broker, he started his life of crime after being fired and operated in the southern and southwestern United States.

Home title fraud is the fastest growing fraud in the United States. Increasing numbers of cybercriminals are stealing people’s homes. Cox alone committed fraud on 109 properties and admits to around 150 of these acts. He rented homes, forged documents and then transferred these properties to himself before obtaining multiple mortgages on them.

Home Title Lock monitors your home’s title to:

  • Fight to get your home’s title back
  • Alert you if someone commits title fraud on your home

Unfortunately, homeowners insurance doesn’t offer coverage for home title theft. Even though you own your home, you may have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to fight to have the home put back into your name.

Home Title Lock Reviews

Home Title Lock is like many forms of insurance: you don’t appreciate it until you need to use it. When you sign up for this insurance, you’ll join a family of other homeowners who take their home’s title very seriously.

The company has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Customers seem to like the service provided and have a lot of good things to say about Home Title Lock. A few of the many things people are talking about are:

  • Customer service is responsive and follows up with any issues rapidly.
  • Home Title Locks exceeds expectations and offers top-notch monitoring services.
  • Quickly alerted about fraudulent documents that occurred twice in just nine months.

Home Title Lock is an affordable insurance option that allows you to sleep well at night by knowing that you’re one step ahead of fraudsters who work to undermine your hard work and steal the very land you worked hard to buy.

How Much Does Home Title Lock Cost?

Home Title Lock is designed to protect homeowners from the real threat of home title fraud. You can get started with the platform for just $19.95 a month. For one low price, you gain access to 24/7 title monitoring.

Your low monthly payment also grants you access to a team of experts that include:

  • Title monitoring experts
  • Resolution experts

If you are the victim of fraud, Home Title Lock will fight to recover your home’s title. When you go to sign up, you’ll also gain access to a free home title scan that helps you learn if your home’s title is compromised right now.

Want to save money on your coverage?

If you don’t want to pay the $19.95 monthly fee, you can sign up for one of the additional tiers of service:

  • 1 year of service for just $199
  • 4 years of service for just $796

When you sign up, you have 14 days to try the program. If, for some reason, you don’t like the service or the powerful features it offers, you can request your money back.