Pathrise Careers

If you work in the tech field, want to advance your career and aren’t sure where to start, Pathrise may be just the program you’re looking for. A little guidance, some structure and valuable advice from industry veterans can go a long way in helping you reach your career goals. And that’s exactly what Pathrise offers.

Let’s take a closer look at the program and what it offers.

What is Pathrise?

Pathrise is an online mentorship and training program that aims to help tech professionals land their next job. The program is known for helping members land elite job placements.

Pathrise’s team of mentors includes people from Facebook, Google and other big companies, like Microsoft, Apple and more. Their specialists have decades of experience and have worked for some of the biggest companies on the planet.

Pathrise fellowship has helped place 2,055 members since its inception. That’s a 95% placement rate. Those who land jobs through the help of Pathrise earn high salaries:

  • $83,307 average junior base salary
  • $199,896 average senior base salary

The company is so confident in its program that they offer a 12-month guarantee. If you’re not placed in a job within 12 months, you pay nothing and waive your income share (more on that shortly).

Pathrise fellows (members) typically spend about 10 hours a week on the program until they are hired. The program will even assist you with salary negotiation by helping you figure out whether you’ve received a fair offer.

The team at Pathrise says that they have helped fellows gain a 10-20% increase in their salaries by guiding them through the negotiation process.

How Does Pathrise Work?

The Pathrise program has several tracks to choose from based on the industry you work in. Members only pay if they succeed in landing a high-paying job.

Payments are made through an income-sharing agreement. Here’s how that works:

  • You pay nothing upfront.
  • Once you are placed, you pay a small percentage of your salary to Pathrise for a limited time.
  • The percentage range is 5-18%.
  • Plans can be extended up to 24 months to keep monthly costs to a minimum.

To join Pathrise, you’ll need to submit an application. The application process is simple:

  • Take an introductory survey to help the Pathrise team understand your experiences and goals.
  • Take an industry assessment so that Pathrise can learn more about your technical skills.
  • Take an opportunity call to learn more about enrollment and ask any questions you may have.
  • Begin attending meetings with your mentor and workshops.

The entire process can take 1-2 weeks, and not every applicant will be accepted. However, those who are unable to join the program will have an opportunity to enter again in the future.

Those who are accepted can enter one of the many tracks available:

Product Design

The Product Design track focuses on your design portfolio and learning what companies are looking for in candidates.

Here’s what you and your mentor will work on:

  • Portfolio: You’ll learn who will look at your design portfolio, when they will look and why. Your mentor will help you optimize every piece of content in your portfolio.
  • Sourcing opportunities: You’ll learn how to source opportunities and network using proven tactics.
  • Whiteboard challenge: Learn what companies are looking for when evaluating whiteboard challenges and how to employ effective strategies to help you succeed.
  • Presentations and critiques: Your mentor will help you learn which approaches to take to succeed with different evaluations.
  • Interviews: You’ll learn how to improve your elevator pitch and prepare for interviews.
  • Skills: To stand out as a candidate, you’ll learn how to master new skills and improve existing ones.
  • Salary: Learn how to negotiate a better salary and benefits to land your dream job.

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering track will focus on the following:

  • CS Foundations: Learn which topics to focus on, how to choose a programming language for interviewing and create a study plan.
  • Technical interviewing: Learn four of the most important aspects of the interview process and tactics that will improve your chances of success.
  • Skills: Learn how to break down tree problems, search problems, advanced data structures and more. They’ll also cover more challenging topics, like dynamic programming as well as search engine algorithm fundamentals.
  • Traditional interviews: Improve your interview skills and elevator pitch.


The Data track will cover the following:

  • Roles: Learn which roles match your skills and experience (data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, etc.) and work on areas to improve.
  • Tricky ML interview questions: Training will cover common statistics and probability topics, as well as tricky ML interview questions. You’ll learn how to answer these questions effectively, even if you’re unfamiliar with the algorithms.
  • Data case studies: Learn how to approach data case studies and develop the best solutions for business problems using Pathrise’s frameworks.
  • Data stories: Learn how to show your data in a way that business leaders understand, demonstrating your value in the process.
  • Interview prep: Learn how to prepare for interviews and go through mock interview sessions.

Product Management

The Product Management track covers:

  • Career paths: Additional 1-on-1s and workshops are available with this track to help you navigate this complex and lucrative career path.
  • Product launches: Learn how to launch a product and how to communicate the process with hiring managers.
  • Metrics: Learn how to demonstrate your knowledge of iteration and metrics during the interview process.
  • Interviews: Learn how to prep for interviews. The program will break down real-world examples of interview questions and the best answers.
  • Discovery: Training will also cover product discovery frameworks to help you succeed with written and whiteboard assignments.


The Sales Track covers the following:

  • Scaling: Learn how to build a sales narrative that demonstrates how you’ve scaled yourself in your career. This workshop provides valuable resume tips.
  • Elevator pitch and personal pitch deck: Learn how to craft your best elevator pitch and how to sell yourself as a candidate with a personal pitch deck.
  • Interview prep: Prepare for interviews with mock interviews, learn the most common interview questions and master the mock pitch.


The Marketing Track will cover the following:

  • Refresh your knowledge: Training will cover essential business and marketing terms and ideas so that you can build on them in the coming weeks. You’ll also build a personalized study plan.
  • Online marketing: Learn the ins and outs of paid social ads, paid search and display ads.
  • SEO: Learn how to create and market content that is search engine optimized.
  • Marketing analytics: Learn how to track performance and analyze results through A/B testing, cohort analysis and more.
  • Interview prep: Prepare for interviews and go through mock interviews.
  • Additional workshops: Throughout the program, there will be additional workshops on more advanced topics, like conversion rate optimization, marketing automation and more.

As you can see, each track offers real and valuable training and mentor sessions that will help you succeed in landing a job in your specific sector.

Regardless of the track you choose, you will meet with your mentor 1-on-1 every week until you are hired at a major tech firm.

With Pathrise, you can learn online via live video sessions, so you can move at your own pace. The platform also provides unlimited support whenever it’s needed.

What Do Pathrise Reviews Say?

Most former fellows say that Pathrise was absolutely worth the time and expense. While this may not be the option for everyone, the mentoring and training offered can help you land a high-salary role.

Those who have gone through the program praise the valuable access you gain to people who are already in the industry and working in the roles you hope to land.

It’s not uncommon for fellows to land their dream jobs in just a few months. Many have noted that they landed jobs offering a salary increase of $20,000 or more. A salary increase of that size will more than pay for the Pathrise program, making it a worthwhile investment in your career.

Of course, there are a handful of fellows that were not happy with the program. However, these individuals did not put in the time to succeed or were not well-positioned to benefit from the program.

Pros and Cons

Like any other coaching or mentorship program, Pathrise has advantages and disadvantages. These include:


Pathrise has many advantages for people wanting to advance in their careers.

  • Pathrise provides structure and guidance to help you improve your resume, interviewing skills and more.
  • It costs nothing to get started – you only pay when you land a job.
  • You gain invaluable advice and guidance on what companies are looking for in a candidate.
  • Tracks offer industry-relevant advice.
  • Mentorship and training are personalized.

If you’ve been struggling in your job search or just aren’t sure how to make the transition to a more advanced role, Pathrise can help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to reach your goals.


Pathrise does come at a cost, and some may view that cost as rather steep. But it’s important to remember that fellows who succeed with Pathrise’s program often land six-figure salaries.

That said, the costs should not be taken lightly when considering this program.

Another important thing to note is that you will only get what you put into this program. The program offers structure and guidance, but you still have to put in the work.

Pathrise has a team of industry experts and a valuable opportunity to improve your interviewing skills, resume and more to land the job of your dreams. While this program may not be a good fit for every job seeker, it will give tech employees an advantage when trying to increase their salaries and secure the job they want.