Georgia Virtual School

The Georgia Virtual School program (GAVS) was created to provide students and our schools with options and opportunities to supplement public, private, and home school course offerings. Since 2005, the Georgia Virtual School system has been offering courses during the proper school year as well as providing a tuition based summer school program.

Georgia Virtual offers state standards-based high school college preparatory courses and Advanced Placement courses. In addition, summer middle school courses are offered in all academic areas except social studies.

georgia virtual school

Contrary to popular belief, the GAVS program is not a home school program.

It is actually a program of the Georgia Department of Education that serves public, private and home school students. They provide transcripts just like any other brick and mortar schools does and all accredited by all major universities in the south.

How will you know if online learning is for you?

Online learning is a new experience for many students. There is an adjustment period for most students, as the GAVS program allots for more freedom and more responsibility to complete your assignments on time.

At the start of the course, students receive a course schedule that includes assignments and due dates. Students are expected to login to their courses once a day during the week. Students may choose when they wish to work to complete their assignments. Some courses may periodically offer live, interactive chats. In these instances, teachers will give advance notice as to the topic and scheduled time.

How much time does it take to complete a Georgia Virtual School course?

The time it takes to complete a Georgia Virtual course will vary depending on the course schedule your child selects. For an 18 week semester, a half unit class generally requires 1.5 to 2 hours of work per day. Assignments for the week are due on Friday afternoons. During summer session, the same half unit class would require about 20 hours per week of work with assignment due every weekday.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

This is one of the more popular questions we hear. While there is no financial aid per se with the GAVS program, we are working to make payment plans available for the Summer 2014 semester. Credit cards are accepted and you may be able to working out a educational rewards account with your lender to help offset the payments.

In an effort to provide the same level of instruction for all Georgia students, there are zero required materials to purchase for the GAVS program. All resources, including textbooks, are online in electronic format. With that said, some courses may require special software or equipment, you will need to complete an electronic release where you would enter a credit card number in our registration system. Your card will NOT be charged unless the software or equipment is not returned at the conclusion of the course. Parents may need to complete an electronic release for some of these items. However, the parent will not be charged unless the item/equipment is not returned.

During both fall and spring semesters, home school students may be eligible for state-funded seats for high school level courses, up to three full units or six half units in fall and the same for spring. Although these seats are at no cost to students, the seats are limited and are granted on a first come, first served basis. Additional high school courses will require $250 per half unit tuition.

Does the GAVS program offer a degree?

Unfortunately, as a part of the Georgia Deptartment of Education, the Georgia Virtual program does not award diplomas or credits. GAVS does provide official documentation of the final grade earned for each completed course. Many home school students do not receive traditional diplomas but rather complete course work to meet the requirements of the college they plan to attend. Contact each college admissions office to determine what is needed to meet their entrance requirements.

The Georgia Virtual School provides opportunities and options for Georgia students to engage in Advanced Placement, college preparatory, career and technical courses, and other electives online to enhance their learning experiences. Whether you are a traditional, private or home school student, you can expand your educational horizons with the Georgia Virtual School System.